Jenny's Connemara Concoction

Welcome to Jenny's Connemara Concoction!

Over the year I've been involved in the Connemara breed I have accumulated all sorts of information on the Connemara pony, taken a fair number of photos, and carried out various "research projects". A lot of just sits on my hard drive and never sees the light of day. I feel it would be a shame not to share in case others find it interesting...

All photos and text here is © Jenny Hagenblad unless otherwise stated. If you find something here that you want to use, please let me know. I do get grumpy when I find people have borrowed without asking... ;-) But as long as people ask I'm happy to share. A lot of my projects would improve by contributions from others, and I would highly appreciated any such contribution. Just get in touch if you think you can help and want to contribute to making this a useful Connemara resource.

This page is a work in progress and bits and pieces are added from time to time, sometimes often, sometimes rarely, but do check in from time to time and you will probably find something new. The latest updates are listed below.

Hope you'll enjoy the site!

Jenny Hagenblad

Connemarautställningar 2021

Den 18/9 blir det connemarautställning i Valdemarsvik. Passa på att visa din connemara då! Jag och min kamera kommer att vara på plats.

Updates lately/ Senaste uppdateringarna

12/9 2021Results from Swedish pony Championships updated.Resultat från ponny-SM uppdaterade.
7/9 2021All photos from Swedish show jumping championships available.Samtliga foton från SM i ponnyhoppning tillgängliga.
25/8 2021Photos from Swedish show jumping championships.Foton från SM i ponnyhoppning.
14/8 2021Photos from Holmtebo stud.Foton från Holmtebo stuteri.
1/8 2021Photos from show jumping at Rappestad Ridklubb 31 July.Foton från hoppning på Rappestad Ridklubb 31 juli.
21/7 2021Top jumping Connemaras updated.Topp hoppconnemaror uppdaterade.
11/7 2021Results from European pony Championships updated.Resultat från ponny-EM uppdaterade.
25/6 2021Top eventing Connemaras updated.Topp fälttävlansconnemaror uppdaterade.
12/6 2021Top dressage Connemaras updated.Topp dressyrconnemaror uppdaterade.
6/6 2021Elite mares updated.Elit-stona uppdaterade.
16/5 2021Elite stallions updated.Elit-hingstarna uppdaterade.
9/5 2021Aille Bay's mare family.Aille Bays stofamilj.
25/4 2021Diploma mares updated.Diplomstona uppdaterade.
18/4 2021Swedish breed show champions updated.Riksutställningschampions uppdaterade.